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The Best Social Media Marketing

Brand Awareness

building relationships and share your company values with well crafted values with well crafted content tailored to your brand. and target audience

Business Growth

Accelerate business growth and profit with tried and tested digital marketing methods, including SEO, PPC, social media and more.

Return On Investment

Increase your return on investment with expertly delivered digital marketing solutions.

Our Work Process


We Design

Armed with the learnings, we design a strategy that will deliver the objectives, focusing on the right platforms and relevant content.

We Launch

We implement the strategy, and track progress

01We Are Digital Marketing Agency

 Ipiss Media is Digital marketing agency trusted by companies to deliver quality marketing campaigns using Digital marketing & Offline marketing channels.

Powered by a multi-disciplinary team with several years work experience in the different digital marketing areas, Ipiss Media leverages on these unique skill sets and broad experience to design, develop and implement digital marketing projects to help clients grow their brands & businesses.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Ipiss Media fuses marketing savvy with cutting-edge digital strategy and expertise to deliver campaigns that drive results. With the most innovative minds in digital marketing under one roof, Ipiss media provides expertise in social media marketing, SEO, SEM, content marketing, web design, and far beyond.

Who we are

Ipiss Media is a team of experienced marketing experts in all aspects of Integrated Marketing Communications and public relations. Our work cuts across both online and offline marketing channels.

What we do

Our services include social media marketing ,Search engine optimization,explainer video and website design. We help companies improve traffic to their websites thereby increasing sales/subscription.

Why we do it

We love marketing and are the best in marketing strategy in Nigeria.
When small businesses make sales because of our marketing efforts, families benefit and our economy grows.

We can help your business to:


Market Persuade Your Audience.


Impress Prospective Clients


Expose Your Brand To The World


Connect To The Right Prospect

Explore Our Digital Marketing Services

While we offer many digital marketing services, our goal is to always start with getting to know your business intimately so we can provide you the best advice possible at all times.


Public Relations

As PR experts, we recognize that each client is unique and take the time to familiarize ourselves with each brand we represent.

Web Design & Development

Having a website is crucial to the success of your business. Create your website with us today.Our custom-built websites aid in providing your customers with an exceptional experience.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Social media marketing and management services that build brand recognition and awareness which leads to increase in sales.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as the process of optimizing your website or webpage to gain traffic,(audience) from search engines


Content Marketing

Don’t blindly publish blog posts in the name of “content marketing”. Our team maps advanced content strategies that center on a smart marketing funnel.

Online Reputation Management

Managing your reputation online requires continuous dedicated effort in terms of monitoring and responding in a timely manner to positive and negative feedback from your customers.

Social Media Advertising

Ipiss Media, we help you reach the right people with the right message across multiple social channels.


Social Media Strategy & Consultation

Our team at Ipiss Media is skilled at analysing your company’s demands in order to develop and implement the best plan of action with the proper amount of support.

Social Media Campaigns

If you want to engage your audience, you must use social media – We provide cost-effective and creative campaigns, including growth hacks and creative concepts that cut through the noise to boost your brand.



Digital Advertising

We drive digital advertising campaigns with a hard focus on growth.


Analytics & Automation

We provide in-depth data to equip brands in taking better marketing initiatives.


Growth Marketing

We drive growth for companies that increase MRR and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Why is a website important for your business?

A website can help you engage with your customers. Think of it as your CV or Resume, but for your company. You want to show what you can do and the best way to do so is by having a website designed for you. And through your website, you can market your brand through digital marketing. So, you can kill two birds with one stone! Choose us as your digital marketing agency and have your website designed from scratch.


Our strategy for social media

We’re a growth marketing agency with a social twist.

We create multi-channel campaigns through our powerhouse digital ecosystem to catapult you and your business to success. From strategies to reactive discussions, we generate stories, not simply social media posts.

We base our social strategic thinking not just on audience and category, but also on the cultural dialogue of what’s happening at this very second. On ever-changing social and digital platforms, we push the frontiers of what content is capable of.

Our social team creates social-first creative content that can exist across any platform, to tell your story authentically, effectively and ultimately help you achieve both your digital and business goals.

what we stand for


We Are Your Partner In Growth.


In-Depth Competitor Analysis

We’ll keep your business ahead of the pack through robust digital techniques built to assess and outperform your rival’s marketing campaign.

Bespoke Growth Strategy

Every digital marketing strategy we implement is customised to the needs of each business, ensuring you experience more leads and sales.

Projections for ROI

Never lose track of your goals. Alongside critical KPIs to hit your target, our team provides detailed insight into expected leads, sales and growth.
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In Business Serving

200 +

Campaigns Completed

100 +


100 %

Clients Satisfaction Rate

Our Clients

We work with companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries to strengthen their online presence and grow their customer base.


Why Choose Us

All our digital marketing services work extraordinarily well together. We can help you build a website that will attract attention as well as offer mobile application development services, while making your business stand out more prominently on social media.

As a responsible digital marketing company, we work side by side with clients to support the changes required in strategy, organization, process, analytics, user experience, and technology to make digital marketing transformation a reality. Complex projects require tested leadership, end user understanding, and deep technology expertise. From boosting your organic reach to helping to convert sales through inbound marketing, you’ll be able to create an effective sales funnel.


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